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Li.S.A. delivers AI-based results using the relevant skills in each situation

+14% conversion rate and +10% revenue – We had high hopes when we upgraded to Findologic’s A.I. based plan with Li.S.A. but the solution still managed to exceed our expectations! We’re looking forward to seeing it deliver even more impressive results as time goes on.”„
Damir Vuckovac, CEO – shop4runners

Search that understands

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Findologic’s A.I. platform, Li.S.A., discovers the fundamental intent of each user via pioneering middleware. Rather than exclusively processing the relevance of a search query’s text, Li.S.A drills into the intent and behaviours of a user throughout their customer journey.
On mobile specifically, Li.S.A. has spearheaded a new way of understanding and interacting with users.
Our team of data scientists are experts in what they do and are consistently working to ensure that our Platform is utilising the latest technologies to develop a fluent product that understands customers better than any other. Language models such as BERT and other established methods under the natural language processing umbrella feed into the development strategy.

Here are some more examples:

Browse the brand world
Intent: When someone searches generically using a brand term, their intent is to browse all shelves/departments in an online shop to see items from that one chosen brand.
Skill: Li.S.A. does not simply deliver a series of hundreds of results, but applies a skill that enables the user to see the shelves and departments from
that brand only.


Show me what you like
Intent: When a user searches generically for an item such as "shirt", they want to see the kinds of shirts that are of interest to them – “the shirts I will like”
Skill: Li.S.A. allows the user the to communicate their personal preferences by liking specific images and delivers personalised and relevant search results.
Select your requirements 
Intent: When a user makes a generic search for a wide product category such as “sofa”, they are really saying: "I want to buy a sofa, but I don't know how to narrow down my search."
Skill: Rather than delivering a series of hundreds of results, Li.S.A. asks the user a set of questions based on product properties and their requirements to help them progress in their search.
Here is an overview of our range of lamps
Intent: When a user searches generically using a term like “lamp” they’re often not aware of the full scope of lighting products available to them. "I need more light in my apartment, but I don't know anything about lamps and I want to get an overview of what is available in the shop and perhaps some inspiration.”
Skill: Li.S.A supports the user and gives an overview of the lamps range, allowing them to refine the search once they are more familiar with what’s available.

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