Solving Ecommerce’s Biggest Mobile Mistakes: A Masterclass

Upskill yourself with actionable on-site strategies

22nd September 2021, 10:00 AM


Join leading companies Findologic, Styla and Eastside Co for a masterclass full of actionable insights, guidelines and best practices that will allow you to implement a gold-standard mobile experience despite historically cumbersome and challenging interfaces.

Mobile commerce has become ubiquitous, yet many retailers fail to successfully optimise for mobile. The flow state differs greatly from desktop and abandonment rates are significantly higher on mobile. Even established retailers provide a lack luster mobile experience. What key areas do retailers need to get right on mobile in order to avoid frustration and how can they get started?

This webinar will walk through 3 core topics covered by experts in each field. These topics address your on-site optimisation end-to-end, so that you can return to your desk and action the points covered to ensure a gold-standard experience within every element of your browsers journey. These topics include:

– Mobile acquisition strategies
– Seamless product discovery with limited space
– Mobile optimised content


Jason Stokes

Founder & CEO at Eastside Co

With 15 years in the industry, Jason has helped hundreds of ecommerce businesses grow and thrive. An entrepreneur with a passion for creating and innovating, he’s worked with many clients across a range of industries, and held directorships at several organisations. Finding solutions for problems within his own businesses enables him to have a great understanding of what it takes to be successful, both for clients, and within Eastside Co.

Findologic_Natural Process Language

Steve Ledgerwood

CRO at Findologic

Steve Ledgerwood is CRO at Findologic, and has successfully led commercial organisations in the MarTech space for over 15 years across key global markets, including EMEA, APAC and the Americas. His heavy involvement within the eCommerce community and vast experience makes him well placed to address the challenges of online retailing. Steve has a 360-degree understanding of the ecosystem from customer demands and engagement to digital monetisation. As a result, he continues to be a driving force behind Findologic’s expansion and market-leading offering as well as a respected member of the ecommerce and tech communities.


Robert Thomas

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Styla

Rob is Styla’s head of strategic partnerships, with a strong background in tech alliances and problem solving for our brands, currently focused on launching Styla Frontend – a PWA powered CMS optimised for mobile alongside our product team.