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Error Tolerant Search Help

Automatic error tolerance despite typos and spelling errors

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Semantic Filter Help

Individually adjustable filters in the search

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Intelligent Ranking Help

Relevant results are shown in the first places

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Navigation Filter Help

Individually adjustable filters in the navigation

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Smart Suggest Help

Display of your current campaigns directly in the Smart Suggest.

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Synonyms Help

In order to display the items that have modifications in search terms, you can define synonyms for these items, e.g. „night suit“ – „pajamas“

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Report Mail Help

Every week you receive a report per email on the search behavior of your customers. You can identify some new trends and apply this knowledge to your campaigns and inventory purchase.

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Campaigns Help

Define the exact time frame for your campaigns and control activation time of other professional features, such as Item Pushing or Landing pages.

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Landing pages Help

Creation of the separate pages (Landing pages) for certain search terms or keywords, to which the user will be directed from the search or Smart Suggest. For example, promotion page „Mother’s Day“, category page „Menswear“, „Delivery terms“ or „Legal notice“ etc.

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Promotions Help

You can use target advertising for specific products, product groups and special offers through predefined search terms. These products will be displayed in the Smart Suggest and above the search results. For example, sales or promotions.
Item Pushing: There can be Pushing Rules created in order to push certain groups of items to the first places in the search results. For example, items under category „Sale“ or items of the own brand etc.

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Product-Placement Help

Search results for chosen search terms can be defined exactly. For example, the top 10 items displayed to the customers can be chosen in advance.

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Search-Concepts Help

If your customers search for unspecific or ambiguous terms, you can assign distinct search term with the help of Search Concepts. For example, the search query „Suit“ directs the customer to the items under category „Fashion for men“ and does not display swimming suits anymore.

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Guided Shopping Help

Offers product type to be configured. The customer is lead through consecutive questions in order to define the desired items out of many, e.g., „PC-Configurator“or „Presents-Finder“.

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Channel* Help

You pay only 20% of monthly fee for every additional shop – search queries and item count are summed up!

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Tracking Help

Concise Statistics on customer buying behaviour via report mails and your personal dashboard.

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Self-learning vocabulary Help

OnSite search is automatically learning from you product data.

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Multiple Import Help

FINDOLOGIC imports your data several times according to your needs.

Enterprise Cloud Help

Use your own Cloud with many queries, high peak loads and individual requirements.

Cancellation Help

Cancellation period is 1 month for all service packages

1 month 1 month 1 month
Item count incl. Help

How many items are in your shop?

upon request
Query count per month incl. Help

How many search queries are in your shop per month?

upon request
Activation fee Help

setup fee for creating the service

150 € 150 € 150 €
FINDOLOGIC with Branding Help

FINDOLOGIC-Logo with link to homepage has to be placed above the search results. You can also integrate FINDOLOGIC-search without logo which will add an extra charge of 100%.

Upon request
Price per month from 50 € from 75 € Upon request
Price per month - yearly run-time from 47.5 € from 71.25 € Upon request
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*With Professional service package you pay only for the first 5 channels, with Enterprise service package you pay only for the first 2 channels – all additional channels are included!

Integration with FINDOLOGIC experts

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Choice of the best integration method
  • Search integration
  • Support team assistance
  • Project management
  • Corporate FINETUNING
  • Approval and quality assurance

One-time: from 1.600 Euros

(transparent proposal after consultation)

Autonomous integration

  • Service preparation
  • Plugin for prevalent shop platforms
  • Documentation (API)
  • FINDOLOGIC Support
  • Approval and quality assurance

One-time: 798 Euros

(optional FINETUNING plus 798 Euros)

FINDOLOGIC can be integrated into any online store platform!