Video Dev News // March 2021

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Findologic Video Dev News // March 2021

Findologic’s first development update of 2021 sees CTO, Georg Sorst explain the latest innovations to our platform. Our development team are continually improving our technologies to ensure that Findologic clients have access to the best solutions on the market.

Our most recent developments include:

    00:20: FINDOLOGIC Li.S.A.

        • An improved user interface, further streamlining the ability for user inspiration based on their preferences (via our A.I. based shopping assistant, Li.S.A.)
        • An improved user interface for Findologic’s express guides, increasing usability
        • The ability to further drill down into search results – Li.S.A. now employs both category refinement and express guides in tandem with one another

    04:16: Improved feature „Support for variants“

        • Support for variants – when a user specifies a particular variant for a product, only exact and relevant specifications and imagery will be displayed
        • Different prices for each variant, size or colour are now possible
        • Consistent images between product listing and product detail page

    06:13: Improved feature „Assisted Suggest“

        • Assisted Suggest now provides even further inspiration to users with immediate product suggestions, and the ability to refine these product suggestions live within the Assisted Suggest box
        • First touch interaction improves the customer experience


    Georg Sorst is CTO at FINDOLOGIC GmbH and was the first permanent employee of the company. He helped build both the team and the product from scratch. He gained his IT industry expertise and experience over many years with companies such as IBM as well as various start-ups. As a frequent guest and lecturer at conferences and events he ensures he remains technically up-to-date.  Georg is also a member of the Gesellschaft für Informatik.  What fascinates him about Findologic is the constant challenges posed by the e-commerce market, in particular search technologies with their rapid developments and trends.

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