FINDOLOGIC Welcome Huboo Their Partner Network

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Product Discovery Platform, FINDOLOGIC and Order Fulfillment Platform, Huboo have announced their strategic partnership as they continue to build their ecosystem of best-of-breed partners. 

Establishing an ecosystem of partners who address challenges end to end enables both vendors to connect retailers with the resources they need to ensure e-commerce success. The two tech leaders will be able to:

  • Offer retailers new and innovative ways to power online customer experiences that drive sales and build long-term customer loyalty and ultimately deliver in terms of efficient and effective fulfilment operations
  • Provide retailers with an intuitive and efficient backend that allows for full control and management of product discovery and fulfilment

Findologic’s solution helps supercharge e-commerce conversions by allowing retailers to optimise every element of a user’s path to purchase. By optimising the onsite experience and deploying a range of features underwritten by A.I., retailers can streamline a shopper’s journey, improve CX and increase conversion rates. These include search, navigation, merchandising, mobile UX and personalisation.

While on-site optimisations are essential, ensuring that you’re able to meet demands and deliver on experiences until the very end of the customer journey, is critical.

Huboo are a multichannel eCommerce fulfilment provider, helping online businesses grow by taking care of all their order fulfilment needs. They offer a simple pricing model with no goods in or stock management fees, 2 months free ‘hub’ storage and a comprehensive yet easy to use dashboard from which you can see listings, stock levels, expected billing and sales across all your channels. With a network of warehouses across the UK and EU and integrations with all major platforms and marketplaces, they are ideally placed to fulfil orders quickly and accurately worldwide, for sellers of all sizes.

With the strategic alliance, the two leading tech solutions will extend their reach in the e-commerce space, make informed recommendations to clients regarding 360-degree optimisations and add value as part of a wider ecosystem of partners.


Rachel is a Content Marketing Specialist, creating insightful materials on all things eCommerce, tech and Findologic that drive growth and awareness. Rachel has a wide understanding of the tech space, before joining Findologic, she produced content for global FinTech publications as well as working closely with industry leaders on a range of marketing initiatives.

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