Building Resilience Within Your Online Store: A Masterclass

Upskill yourself with actionable on-site strategies

3rd June 2021, 10:00 AM


Join leading companies Findologic, Nosto and BigCommerce for a masterclass full of actionable insights, guidelines and best practice that will arm your online store against market volatility and allow you to remain competitive in an increasingly saturated and demanding digital market. 

This webinar will walk through 3 core topics covered by experts in each field. These topics address your on-site optimisation end-to-end, so that you can return to your desk and action the points covered to ensure a gold-standard experience within every element of your browsers journey. These topics include:


  • Search and navigation
  • Personalisation
  • Checkout optimisation

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Matthäus Bognar

Head of Business Development at Nosto

Matthäus Bognar is Head of International & Business Development + Enterprise at Nosto, the industry leader in personalization and merchandising for online retailers. Founded in 2011, Nosto enables retailers to offer their customers personalized shopping experiences at every touch point and through every device. With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce and 6 years in the field of personalization, Matthäus and his teams support the online development of online retailers on an international level.

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Iris Schiefer

Senior Strategic Parnerships Manager at BigCommerce

Iris manages the European technology partnerships portfolio for BigCommerce, one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS ecommerce platforms. During her tenure with BigCommerce, Iris has established relationships with leading vendors across the ecommerce spectrum, providing retailers with a best of breed tech stack and solidifying BigCommerce’s position as a market-leading ecommerce player in Europe. 


A seasoned business development professional, Iris joined BigCommerce from Forrester, where she focused on working with tech disruptors to build their brand awareness, win new customers and expand into new geographies. 


Nick Hamer

Head of Enterprise Sales at Findologic

Nick has worked within the ecommerce space for over 10 years, becoming an expert within the field during that time. Working with the largest brands globally across all industries, he knows exactly what pain points ecommerce professionals are experiencing as well as how to address them. His heavy involvement within the ecommerce community and vast experience makes him well placed to address the challenges of online retailing. He has a 360-degree understanding of the ecosystem from customer demands and trends to digital monetisation. This enables Nick to help retailers using a holistic approach and recommend high-performing solutions that allow retailers to succeed.

Findologic joins forces with Nosto 🚀
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