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Location: London, UK

Traffic: 180,000 visits per month

Sector: Sporting goods

With a vision to significantly improve the level of service that existed in the university team-wear industry, operates within several sectors of the sports and leisurewear market. With the original premise of offering quality service still at the forefront of everything they do, the retailer decided that enhancing product discovery would support this business objective as competitors continue to upgrade their offerings.


Previously, hadn’t invested in product discovery but recognised the potential for a specialist platform to kick start their on-site optimisation journey. With a very basic onsite search offering in place, selecting a partner with a comprehensive suite of features was important as it would allow the retailer to address a majority of their pain points, end-to-end. Another key selling point was Findologic’s ease of use. As an e-commerce team with little involvement from IT, it was important that management of the platform was straightforward and didn’t require significant technical expertise.

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The Findologic experience

Just weeks into going live, have noticed a substantial improvement. As a busy e-commerce team navigating peak season, the speed and ease with which improvements could be made have been a huge benefit, allowing to do significant housekeeping, product tagging and synonym work.

In addition to this, Managing Director, Mike Kent, describes the old vs. new user interface as ‘night and day’, highlighting the speed and navigational features as major contributors in getting users from point A to point B seamlessly.

More features recognise as having a direct impact on overall CX and conversion include:

  • Mobile UX with simplified and intuitive navigation and features
  • Merchandising which has offered more control over product hierarchy in line with business goals
  • Landing pages for redirection to search query optimised pages
  • Search Bar First Click Interaction Recommendations


The time to value with Findologic is clear – just a few weeks into going live, has seen measurable improvements, with KPIs expected to continually improve as more features are utilised. Results include:

  • -12% exit rate based on decreased navigation frustration
  • +6.43% revenue due to optimised product discovery throughout search & navigation and ease of conversion
  • +13% products purchased with enhanced relevancy of products
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