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Findologic Secures Further Capital for Growth

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Findologic Secures Further Capital for Growth 

Salzburg, October 2021 Leading ecommerce product discovery platform, Findologic has received additional funding.

The investment, backed by TAUROS Capital Management GmbH, will allow the Salzburg-based tech provider to accelerate its growth as they continue to expand in their three locations - Salzburg, Munich and London. 

"It is the optimal time for the financing. The entire ecommerce sector is currently experiencing a significant upswing. The more business is done digitally, the more important the user experience for online stores becomes. This requires an intelligent search solution that recognises user intent and streamlines the path to relevant results," explains Matthias Heimbeck, CEO and founder of Findologic.

"With the growth capital from TAUROS, we will continue to expand in both the European and international market and ensure a new industry standard for online shopping experiences."

Christof Neuner of TAUROS Capital Management GmbH added: "The idea behind Findologic has great potential. A positive digital user experience is essential for business success in the ecommerce market. We have confidence in the Salzburg-based company, because of, among other things, its strong position in the DACH region and its technological advancements - especially in the area of artificial intelligence. This will result in remarkable growth opportunities in the coming years."

Findologic's goals are ambitious: In the medium term, additional markets in Europe are to be developed. In the long term, the company’s mission is to surpass other providers with its superior tech stack and become the global leader in product discovery.

About Findologic

Product discovery is at the epicentre of any user’s path to purchase - Findologic has over 13 years of experience in this and has optimised 1,000+ online stores via a simple integration. Bridging the gap between in-store and online retail experience is a requirement for any online retailer - Findologic’s comprehensive suite of features with AI at its core supercharges customer journeys, optimising every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion for efficiency and intuitiveness.

About TAUROS Capital

TAUROS Capital Management GmbH is Austria's pioneer in the field of revenue-based financing. The Viennese investment company provides subordinated capital to companies with high growth potential. TAUROS Capital Management GmbH neither takes over shares in the company nor a shareholder position, but participates in the company's turnover for a fixed period of time at an agreed percentage. The usual financing period is 5 to 7 years.

Marcel Krabath

Marcel Krabath

As Operations Manager at FINDOLOGIC, Marcel ensures that processes run smoothly and are continuously developed. Sitting at the centre of the company, he coordinates daily processes between the Marketing, Sales & Office Management and guarantees the success of partnerships with technology partners and ecommerce agencies. Woking towards the continuous improvement of business operations, Marcel ensures the efficient and smooth running of the business in line with business goals.

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