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New feature: Add multiple recipients for import failed

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Learn more about our latest feature „Add multiple recipients for import failed“: 

To help you react more quickly to errors in your data export, we have introduced a new function in our customer account. This function automatically informs you by email about an error and allows you to react immediately. The notifications are sent to the e-mail addresses defined in the Findologic account. You can change the address in the account or add additional recipients.

In our documentation „Frequent errors in the import/export process and how to handle them“ you will also find more information on the most common export errors and how to solve them.

Our existing monitoring system will of course continue to notify us internally if an error in the data reconciliation should require our intervention.

Hint from our Findologic experts: Shop owners should always enter at least one email address for notifications in order to ensure a flawless process.

Marcel Krabath

Marcel Krabath

Marcel is Operations Manager at FINDOLOGIC. He ensures that international processes run smoothly and are continuously developed. Sitting at the centre of the company, he coordinates daily processes between the Marketing, Sales & Office Management and guarantees the success of partnerships with technology partners and ecommerce agencies. Working towards the continuous improvement of business operations, Marcel also ensures the efficient and smooth running of the business in line with business goals.

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