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It can be a challenge to wrap your head around the latest industry developments and what technologies are right for your business – especially API’s

API-driven technologies seem to be a requisite for any brand looking to deliver a cutting-edge experience. Cloud-based SaaS platforms like Findologic, built on this headless architecture are facilitating many of your favourite online store’s customer experiences. It allows them to plugin to a comprehensive suite of features and delivers shoppers results in milliseconds, regardless of site traffic.

There are a number of areas that can be optimised through technology partnerships so it is essential to work with a platform which can successfully support multiple integrations as a connected and harmonic ecosystem.

What is headless commerce?

Moving from a state of pieced together architecture and breaking it apart to create a separate front-end ‘layer’ alongside their back-end that provides the ability to plugin to various APIs. This is in contrast to fumbling around with the time-consuming coding and development that comes with monolithic systems. Even small changes require edits to multiple layers of coding between the front-end right through to the database layer that is buried in the back-end..

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Since this architecture is developed API-first, each system feature is first made available via an API. This means that it is capable of transferring data back and forth between a range of softwares without roadblocks. As a result, there is a free flow of data between all elements allowing for seamless and effective background operations.

What are the benefits of API integration?

Decoupling the front and back-end and having them talk to one another via APIs presents many benefits and endless possibilities for customisation:
Each piece of software can be tested, deployed and changed independently via a single backend, without impacting other elements of the system
Time-to-market of a new application is short due to the ‘plug and play’ nature of software
Retailers are able to select best of breed partners to deploy gold-standard experiences across their site
Architecture easily supports new technology
Developers being able to utilise existing, API building blocks to optimise on-site performance, rather than building it from scratch
Seamless integrations with minimal technological burden

Progressive Web Apps

In short, a PWA is just a website, but with all the benefits a native app has to offer, only without an actual app. 56% of users uninstall apps within 7 days of downloading, so as a retailer looking to streamline the path to purchase it is essential you have a fully responsive mobile UX that allows non-app users to experience high-performance levels which encourage them to convert.

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If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘jack of all trades, master of none’, you’ll understand that those providers who offer an all in one package are rarely able to provide a white-glove offering as a result of the niche expertise required to do so in each discipline. Specialist tech partners spend years and years building, refining and gaining experience in these niche areas allowing their clients to excel. Of course, this can require a number of different applications or softwares. This is where headless commerce really presents itself as a requisite for any brand looking to supercharge its experiences.

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How to integrate Findologic

Integration for any tech-stack

The Findologic Platform seamlessly slots into and tech-stack, regardless of existing technologies

Customer success Story
90% improvement to site speed and 17% uplift in conversion thanks to a sophisticated landscape of tools for Carrera Toys
Carrera Toys Since partnering with Findologic for product discovery, thanks to their advanced API building blocks with comprehensive capabilities, Carrera-Toys have seen instantaneous improvement in speed as well as the freedom to amend their capabilities at any point. From beginning to end, the entire search functionality was up and running in just one month.
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