Customer Success Story:
Carrera Toys

Carrera Toys


Location: Salzburg, Austria

Traffic: Up to 1M visits /month

Sector: Games & Entertainment

As a global, established retailer, Carrera Toys has a responsibility to its customers to offer an outstanding online experience. As a result, the online shop adopted a new headless approach, running on the JavaScript library React on their front end, Kentico CMS and Commercetools functioning as platform hub.


Looking to build an ecosystem of e-commerce technologies underpinned by their API architecture, Carerra recognised that product discovery would be their number one priority for deployment as they began the journey of building out their tech stack. Finding a product discovery platform that met their requirements of being high-performing as well as fitting seamlessly into their existing tech stack, with the empowerment of flexibility through an API integration was critical for Carerra as they looked to compose a sophisticated landscape of tools. It is also worth noting that a requirement for Carrera was that all new technologies should be scalable and be able to handle online growth – a challenge Findologic could achieve.

Pour Moi features

The Findologic Experience

In close collaboration with the performance agency byte5, using Findologic’s JSON API, Carrera has leveraged the power of customisation and benefitted from complete autonomy over the integration process, choosing to employ features such as:

  • Smart-Did-You-Mean for wider search coverage and a transparent search experience
  • Variants and related products to enhance the shopping experience
  • Effortless shopping with product previews
  • Assisted Suggest for immediately seamless touchpoints & recommendations
  • Shopping Assistant Li.S.A. for delivering a visually optimised path through various categories 

Since partnering with Findologic for product discovery, thanks to their advanced API building blocks with comprehensive capabilities, Carrera-Toys have seen instantaneous improvement in speed as well as the freedom to amend their capabilities at any point. From beginning to end, the entire search functionality was up and running in just one month.

“Thanks to a comprehensive suite of API driven features, conversion has increased by 17% and site speeds have increased by 90%.”

- Maximilian Januszewski, Senior Marketing Manager at Carrera Toys


Carerra has reported a significant uplift in KPIs since partnering with Findologic. Through the API integration, the software is capable of pulling data from multiple data sources ensuring seamless performance and, increased customisation and a feature set unique to Carerra. This includes: 

  • Super fast rendering with 90% faster loading times
  • 17% increase in conversion rate
  • 12% increase in average order value
  • Significantly improved mobile UX


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