Customer Success Story:
Equip4work & Li.S.A®

Equip4work -


Headquarters: Dumfries, UK

Traffic: 75,000 visits per month

Sector: Office supplies

Popular office supplies retailer Equip4work was looking to upgrade from their existing on-site search provider to ensure that every stage of the customer journey was optimised via a comprehensive feature set.


Equip4Work is an office equipment retailer, supplying everything a business will need to operate a functional and efficient workplace, from office furniture, warehouse and workshop products, to health and safety and cleaning equipment. Before integrating with Findologic, Equip4Work was partnered with an alternative on-site search platform, but switched to Findologic due to the potential for further uplift as the result of a more comprehensive feature offering and the addition of intuitive A.I. Eager to implement more sophisticated software, Findologic awarded more control over on-site activities as well as a wider suite of functionalities allowing every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion to be optimised for efficiency and intuitiveness.

The Findologic Experience

For Equip4Work, the most notable improvement was to their UX, providing a much more ‘slick and modern’ experience to users than their previous provider. Usability is seamless with customer considerations throughout, such as sticky filters and a central design which makes navigation on mobile devices within thumbs reach and cleverly reflects that of the experience users receive across social channels.
Meanwhile, features such as merchandising have ensured control over what products feature at the top of search results, based on the retailer’s requirements.
The office supplier also chose to adopt Findologic’s A.I. based search assistant, Li.S.A. - rather than a one size fits all approach, Li.S.A. has allowed Equip4Work to drill into the intent and behaviours of users to provide dynamic and tailored experiences for every individual. Rather than presenting users with generic results, personalised stages are added to a user’s journey to present them with relevant products which they’re more likely to buy.


As a result of Findolgic’s comprehensive suite of features, customers have been able to:
– Relevanteste Produktempfehlungen zu jedem Touchpoint
– Verbesserung der Usability auf mobilen Endgeräten
– Mehr Inspiration und Guidance im Online-Shop
– Einfache Navigation durch verbessertes Usability
– Maßgeschneiderte Empfehlungen basierend auf tatsächlichem Userverhalten

As a result of more considered customer journeys and a standout, full suite, on-site experience, Equip4Work have achieved (compared to their previous solution):
+ 24% uplift in revenue with Li.S.A.
+ 17% increase in conversion rate with Li.S.A.
+ 5.7% increase in average order value
+ 9% increase in returning customers through touchpoint optimisation

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