Die Zukunft
des Handels


About this white paper: 

In conjunction with our partners Nosto, Styla, Divante, Adyen, Seven Senders and the team here at Findologic give a glimpse into the future, including some trends in online retail and how retailers can use them to their own advantage.

Retailers must adapt to the transformative developments in customer expectations and advances in technology if they hope to continue to thrive in this fast-moving environment.

This trend book and the accompanying webinar series will delve into six trends driving the future of retail, specifically in the ecommerce industry, and how retailers can leverage these to steer their businesses and remain competitive.


Das finden Sie in diesem Whitepaper

  • Where Human meets Technology
  • Guiding customers with Content Experiences
  • Why the future is Headless
  • The Future of Secure Checkout
  • Last Mile Innovation for a Sustainable Future?
  • How Voice Search is transforming Ecommerce

This way to the whitepaper

Findologic joins forces with Nosto 🚀
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