Let’s Get Techy: a Technical Roadmap for your API Ecosystem

16th March 2022, 10:00 AM


Plugging into an ecosystem of best-of-breed platforms is a requirement for any online retailer looking to excel. Decoupling the front and back end and having them talk to one another via APIs gives retailers more flexibility to create unique experiences for their visitors and eliminate boundaries.

Creating a multiplex ecosystem with third-party providers that work in harmony with one another, following the connected Best-of-Breed codex, is a challenge – so how can technical professionals effectively build and leverage a headless landscape?

Together with Ometria and Comestri, Findologic will walk through step-by-step the process of setting up API architecture and how to leverage it moving forward as part of a harmonic tech stack. Senior developers and CTOs will run through:

  • An overview of API ecosystems and the benefits for technical professionals
  • How to physically set up and plugin to APIs
  • API recommendations and how to best leverage them

Amber Fallon

Technical Sales Engineer at Ometria

Findologic_Natural Process Language

Georg Sorst

Principal Engineer at Findologic


Stuart Barker

GM Europe
at Comestri


Ben Cook

GM BD & Marketing
at Comestri

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