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Rethinking mobile design for the most nimble and seamless journeys

70% of the leading 19 online retailers deliver a poor on-site mobile experience. Instead of replicating the desktop interface on mobile, we adopt a mobile-first approach to support the contrasting flow states.

63% of mobile users will abandon a product or website as a result of preventable usability issues

M-commerce is taking over and even Google is ranking websites based on their mobile usability ahead of desktop. While mobile commerce presents a multitude of additional UX challenges due to limited screen real estate, which is Findologic builds mobile experienced completely independently.

Findologic's Three Pillar Approach

We have broken down mobile UI into three categories: Search, Explore and Navigate. At each fundamental stage, the inherent tension between visual content, standard functional elements and text is eliminated, optimising every element of a browser's pathway to mobile conversion.

Deploy instinctive Touchpoints

Replicate the familiar interface used by Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to create a more subconscious experience. By deploying this, retailers are able to:

  • Minimise discrepancies between the channels users interact with every day
  • Provide a more instinctive and unconscious path to purchase
  • Deploy instant touchpoints
  • Engage dynamic and conversational navigation based on unique user requirements

Use A.I. to relieve users of navigational burden

Product discovery can be cumbersome on mobile. Findologic’s A.I. takes the burden out of navigation so that your shoppers can sit back and enjoy relevant results. Our A.I. based shopping assistant, Li.S.A.:

  • Profiles users to understand intent and adapt their journey accordingly
  • Makes product recommendations more accurate with an instant touchpoint to refine vague search terms
  • Deploys relevant UX to guide, inspire or discover

Assisted Suggest

Interact with your users and inspire them with your search right from the first interaction thanks to suitable product and search recommendations.

Benefit from: the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell, inspiring customers with products.
Your customer benefits from: digital assistance and seamless transitions between touchpoints from the very first interaction.

Assisted Suggest

Inspire and guide your users with product recommendations as soon as they interact with your search bar.
You benefit from: the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell, inspiring customers with products.
Your customer benefits from: digital assistance and seamless transitions between touchpoints from the very first interaction.

A twist on traditional navigation. Inspire, guide and refine.

Refining results shouldn’t be cumbersome. Findologic’s guided shopping offers outstanding navigational support, by asking questions and providing inspiration - similar to that provided in-store. A Shopping Guide offers an unforgettable experience, with prompts appearing on the product pages, via the search bar or on the home page. A series of templates created individually for you will be stored in your customer back office. With these, you will be able to create Shopping Guides and upload them to your website in a matter of minutes.

Smartphone Driven Features

We implement a range of features across mobile that move users from point A to point B seamlessly
Mobile Assisted Suggest
Mobile optimised Assisted Suggest with smart recommendations and first click interaction
Collapsible Overlays
Overlays can be hidden when not in use to maximise screen space and avoid disruptions
Everpresent Filters
Refinement options are consistently available as the user scrolls for seamless access
A.I. Assisted Navigation
Intelligent A.I. understands user intent and deploys conversational navigation to reduce touchpoints and relieve burden
Voice Search
Eliminating cumbersome processes and introducing a more conversational interface that minimises friction
Instinctive Design
Deploying instant and instinctive touchpoints, similar to Google or Instagram for a subconscious journey

Benefit from our engagement Suite

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