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Boost conversion, boost revenue. Search is at the epicentre of a customer's path to purchase. Become a digital front runner by offering a gold-standard experience.

If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it - a study testing 19 leading ecommerce websites resulted in a 31% product discovery failure rate as a result of a weak on-site search offering.

Our Capabilities

Powering exceptional shopping experiences

Supercharging experiences with A.I.

Harness the power of A.I. at every stage of the search and navigation journey. A.I. sits are epicentre of the Findologic platform, so that each and every unique shopper interaction acts as a catalyst for a more dynamic and intuitive and relevant path to purchase.

Assisted Suggest

Inspire and guide your users with product recommendations as soon as they interact with your search bar.

You benefit from: the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell, inspiring customers with products.
Your customer benefits from: digital assistance and seamless transitions between touchpoints from the very first interaction.

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Natural Language Processing

Leverage the most advanced analytics and find meaning in search queries to provide 1:1 experiences that bridge the gap between in-store and online.

You benefit from: streamlined journeys and increased conversion as a result of relevant experiences that meet each user's requirements.
Your customer benefits from: relevant and personalised results, based on your unique requirements.

Findologic_Natural Process Language


Dead ends when a customer makes a typo are impeding your performance and can be an abrupt ending to a journey. Use it as an opportunity to suggest similar products or a corrected term.

You benefit from: continued journeys that may otherwise have ended.
Your customer benefits from: relevant suggestions, decreased friction and increased satisfaction as a result of alternative suggestions.

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Mobile Smart Suggest Overlay

We are mobile first - mobile commerce has become ubiquitous, yet many retailers fail recognise that the flow state for mobile differs greatly from desktop.

You benefit from: decreased abandonment due to frictionless navigation and optimisation of valuable mobile real estate.
Your customer benefits from: customer-centric features that enhance usability.

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The B2B Ecommerce Suite

We don’t offer a one-size fits-all approach. Findologic understand that customer journeys differ from sector to sector. Our B2B clients benefit from additional features that add value on-site and address your unique business needs.

Tab Solution

Incorporate a variety of content into your search function. Our algorithm doesn’t just search product listings, but blogs, jobs vacancies, brochures or locations, displayed under separate tabs.

You benefit from: increased visibility across all content.
Your customer benefits from: easily discoverable content and reduced touchpoints due to direct navigation.

Regular Expression

In B2B commerce, article numbers are often used rather than search terms. Findologic's unique ‘regex' logic adapts to your article number schemes, making searching for products in this way quick and pain-free.

You benefit from: increased likelihood of product discovery resulting in higher conversion.
Your customer benefits from: more varied and widely accepted search methods and reduced friction.

User Groups

Display different products, content or information depending on the user logged into your website.

You benefit frompain-free, automatically tailored content based on your predefined requirements.
Your customer benefits frompersonalised deals and content that is relevant to their specific business.

The Findologic Platform

Findologic’s search function supercharges any retailers CX with a comprehensive suite of features that optimises every element of a browser’s pathway to conversion for efficiency and intuitiveness.

Full Stack Search
A comprehensive, end-to-end platform with machine learning
Natural Language Processing
Advanced A.I. that finds the meaning and intent behind search queries
Assisted Suggest
Engage, inspire and guide your user as soon as they interact with your search bar
Detect synonyms for for wider search coverage
Customer Account
Take full control of our platform via an intuitive backend
Use banner ads to support campaigns throughout the search journey
Product Pushing
Manage product hierarchy on a category level
Product Placements
Ensure visibility of specific products within the results page
Search Concepts
Predefine rules for specific search queries to return relevant results
Manage all of your websites from one platform
Eliminate dead ends - automatically handle typos and show relevant results
Monitor your stores performance and track KPI's through analytics
Self-Learning Vocabulary
Your software will continually learn and become smarter with every user's search
Multiple Import
Regular and automatic product updates
Mobile Smart Suggest Overlay
Fully utilise mobile's limited retail estate for maximum usability
Multi Language Support
We support searches in 17+ languages
Voice Search
Make your browser's life easy by employing voice search

Customer Success Stories

Creating powerful on-site experiences for all of our clients

Customer Success Story:
Increase in conversion rate by 17% through smart API integration

Carrera Toys - Why the global brand Carrera relies on Findologic for its new headless approach.

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Customer Success Story:
Findologic offers service par excellence for every online shop!

Design Bestseller – How the online shop extends the search to a powerful on-site merchandising tool.

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Integrations For Every E-Commerce Tech Stack

We are compatible with all shopping platforms and third party tech providers, so your Tech Stack is guaranteed to function seamlessly

Our customers rely on highly sophisticated and fault-tolerant search functionality, across our vast range of over 60,000 unique products.
We always felt very well looked after during the Findologic integration process and the results definitely convinced us just weeks after launch! With Findologic, searching is clearly more fun for us and our customers!
We highly recommend Findologic!
René Georg

CEO & Founder,

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