When it comes to generating sales, the search function is the most important tool in your online shop. Our ‘Smart Suggest’ feature is an intelligent dropdown option which provides users with the fastest, most relevant, most efficient results possible. It dynamically updates search results in real-time, as a user types. Slick and space-saving, this feature makes life easy for customers, even those on mobile devices.

Search quality

With our self-learning technology you don’t need to make regular manual updates to your settings. Should you want to add your own rules to the search criteria, you can do so very easily in the backend.

1:1 personalisation

With personalised Findologic search you can meet the needs of each individual user, quickly presenting the most relevant products. The rules behind the search update constantly according to a user’s behaviour, making search results more and more accurate.

Self-learning dictionary

Do you really understand the way your customers search and the words they use? Findologic learns the terminology of the user and builds up its own tailored vocabulary, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Knowledge layer

Over 12 years of search data has created 1,000+ different scenarios in our knowledge database. These insights help us fine-tune and improve the algorithms, to ensure they are tightly tailored to the search needs of every user and website.
Our customers rely on highly sophisticated and fault-tolerant search functionality, across our vast range of over 60,000 unique products.
We always felt very well looked after during the Findologic integration process and the results definitely convinced us just weeks after launch! With Findologic, searching is clearly more fun for us and our customers!
We highly recommend Findologic!
René Georg

CEO & Founder,

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