Customer Success Story:
Modellbau Lindinger

Modellbau Lindinger


Headquarters: Inzersdorf, Austria

Traffic: 300.000 visits per month

Sector: Remote controlled electronics

Remote controlled electronics retailer, Modellbau Lindinger have a vast product catalogue, comprising of over 9,000 products, with their catalogue being distributed to 80,000 people, globally.

“It is important that we harness technology in order to compete with other retailers and provide seamless customer journeys."

Matt WhiteCEO at Modellbau Lindinger

Findologic – a fast, effective and cost-effective solution

Lindinger started 30 years ago as a small family-run business. Pioneering thinking was always one of Fritz Lindinger’s strengths. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in his own webshop. The combination of competent advice, in-house creation of an annual product catalog and the seemingly unlimited possibilities of the Internet have given the Austrian company a new dimension. Today Modellbau Lindinger is one of the largest RC retailers and distributors for RC products 

As a result, we decided to implement the Findologic Platform within our Shopware shop.”

A solution that works seamlessly with a vast number of products

“90% of our sales are from our online shop, which consists of over 40,000 products. Many of our products have very similar names and use technical language. This didn’t prove to be a hurdle once we integrated with Findologic.They presented us with a fast and cost-effective solution that enhances the users’ customer journey.”

One of the best solutions out there for online retailers

“It is important that we harness technology in order to compete with other retailers and provide seamless customer journeys. Before Findologic, we had a standard search and navigation function, which created a lot of friction for our customers – they were becoming frustrated trying to find the products they wanted, and didn’t receive any product inspiration either.”

The Findologic experience

“Findologic came to visit us in our headquarters – we had in-depth meetings where our requirements were discussed and a tailored plan was created to ensure maximum success. It also gave us the opportunity to get to know the experts behind the product.”


The Findologic solution saw an uplift in performance across the breadth of the website. Particularly notable improvements include significantly improved conversion across the entire store, fast and effective results for all queries and filters, and a reduced bounce rate (immediately after integration).
1. The conversion-rate in the entire shop increased significantly.
2. Faster performance for all queries & filters.
3. Bounce rate reduced immediately after integration.

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