Customer Success Story:
shop4runners & Li.S.A®

e-xplosion GmbH


Headquarters: Pforzheim, Germany

Traffic: 350,000 visits per month

Sector: Sporting goods

shop4runners operates both in-store and online, connecting customers to the latest running products. The team harnesses sports science data such as treadmill analysis and performance diagnostics to create individual training and nutrition plans, and personal training, ensuring that all customer needs are met.

“We had high hopes when we upgraded to Findologic’s A.I. based plan with Li.S.A. but the solution still managed to exceed our expectations! We’re looking forward to seeing it deliver even more impressive results as time goes on.”®

Damir Vuckovac, CEO – shop4runners

shop4runners achieve an additional 14% uplift in conversion with Li.S.A.®

Sporting goods retailer Shop4runners specialises in running apparel and gear, so their customers are well prepared for every season and every race. Their Magento shop is a hub for any fitness fan and provides a modern and user-friendly online shop. CEO, Damir Vuckovac chose to partner with Findologic as their on-site search provider back in 2018. Since then, the retailer has expressed their satisfaction with Findologic’s gold-standard platform and service. 

After a short period of time, Shop4Runners saw a notable improvement to their KPIs. The UX was significantly better and users found products much faster, especially on mobile. Their revenue increased by 46% and the conversion rate improved by 38%. As a result of this success, in 2020 the retailer decided to upgrade their platform to incorporate Findologic’s A.I. powered shopping assistant, Li.S.A.

Shop4Runners achieves an additional 14% uplift in conversion with Li.S.A.®®

Der Sportartikel-Händler hat sich mit seinem Angebot ganz dem Laufsport verschrieben, sodass Online-Shopper für jede Jahreszeit und jeden Wettkampf bestens gerüstet sind. Mit einem fein sortierten Produktsortiment renommierter Hersteller, ist neben dem stationären Handel der Magento-Shop die richtige Adresse für jeden der einen intuitiven Online-Shop schätzt. CEO Damir Vuckovac hat sich bereits 2018 für die Findologic Platform entschieden und schätzt seither die hervorragende Zusammenarbeit und Kommunikation. Durch klaren Fokus und einschlägige Optimierungen konnten bereits innerhalb der ersten Monate alle nennenswerten KPIs im Online-Shop verbessert werden. Der Umsatz stieg direkt nach Implementierung um 46%, die Conversion-Rate um 33% und die Bounce-Rate wurde um 38% verringert. Mit dieser beeindruckenden Basis entschied man sich 2020 das Produktportfolio nochmals zu erweitern und Li.S.A.® einzusetzen.

Li.S.A.®– Game changer for mobile commerce

Today, over 66% of e-commerce time is being consumed on smartphones, so focussing on a mobile-first UX should be high on any company’s corporate agenda. Shop4Runners saw value in upgrading to Findologic’s A.I. based, mobile-first package, providing a seamless experience across all channels and touch points.

“We did our due diligence and compared Findologic against a few market competitors, but Findologic’s offering was clearly superior. We are so happy we made the decision we did.”

A.I. platform, Li.S.A., in particular really supercharged Shop4Runners’ on-site performance. Making sense of data and deriving valuable insights in real-time is complex. A.I. provides a solution, processing information and delivering intelligent outputs that add immediate value to your offering. Our A.I. platform, Li.S.A. does just this. It drills down into data and recognises the user’s true intent, dynamically changing shopping experiences based on their behaviour. “Findologic are truly committed to providing excellence in their products and their services – our weekly KPIs reinforce this!”

The results are in

The truth is in the data.

Following our A/B testing it was evident that after only a short period, interactions with A.I. powered Li.S.A. resulted in an immediate increase in sales.

“We had high hopes when we upgraded to Findologic’s A.I. based plan with Li.S.A. but the solution still managed to exceed our expectations! We’re looking forward to seeing it deliver even more impressive results as time goes on.”

Conclusion: Building upon Findologic’s standard, but comprehensive suite of features and introducing an A.I. powered tool supercharged the retailer’s already powerful on-site experience. The retailer achieved a 14% uplift in conversion, on top of the 38% uplift they achieved with our standard package, while revenue increased by an additional 10%!

A/B Test zeigt Conversion-Rate Anstieg um +14% 

The truth is in the data.
Um alle Facetten und Auswirkungen von Li.S.A.® zu belegen, nutzte man trbo um einen unabhängigen A/B Test, durchzuführen.
Bereits nach kurzer Zeit konnte man mit ausreichender Signifikanz feststellen, dass Li.S.A.® von Usern intensiv verwendet wurde und jegliche Interaktionen mit Li.S.A.® zu unweigerlich mehr Umsatz führen. Damir Vukovac erzählt: “Wir haben uns viel durch das erneute Upgrade erhofft. Aber das Ergebnis hat unsere Erwartungen wirklich übertroffen. Wir freuen uns auf weitere Skills von und mit Li.S.A.®“

Fazit: Im Vergleich zur bereits optimierten Basis mit der Findologic Platform, erhöhte sich die Conversion-Rate nochmals um satte 14 % und der Umsatz stieg um 10%.

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