Customer Success Story:
Pour Moi & Li.S.A®

Pour Moi


Location: Brighton, UK

Traffic: 1.3M visits per month

Sector: Fashion & Clothing

Over the years, leading fashion retailer, Pour Moi has developed a reputation globally for offering fabulous lingerie and clothing that is loved by the masses. Consequently, it was imperative that they could deliver this experience digitally and at scale, both to reflect their ethos and support their exponential growth.


Founded in 2005, the well-known fashion retailer, Pour Moi strives to bring that feeling of being fabulous to its customers all over the world.

For Gareth Jones, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Pour Moi, it was essential that their predominant sales channel, the website, fully reflected this ethos. It needed to provide a white-glove customer experience with fast and Mit nur einem Ziel: Jedem User soll ein erstklassiges Erlebnis mit außergewöhnlichen und innovativen Funktionen geboten werden, welches das Online-Shopping intuitiv vereinfacht und gleichzeitig Ästhetik & Werte der Marke unterstreicht.

„Wir sind ein innovatives Fashion-Unternehmen. Wir versuchen Trends zu definieren, statt sie nur zu kopieren. Daher bin ich ständig auf der Suche nach Technologie- und UX-Innovationen, die es uns ermöglichen, der Konkurrenz einen Schritt voraus zu sein.“

Pour Moi features

The Findologic Experience

Pour Moi had ambitious plans to completely overhaul their existing on-site offering from end-to-end with their goals including: 

  • Reduce total clicks – get the user from point A to point B as effortlessly as possible and reduce drop-out
  • To give the user as much contextual information as possible without distracting from the primary use case
  • Deliver more relevant results
  • To have more control over the website via tools such as merchandising
  • Increase the percentage of users who search

Pour Moi noted that Findologic’s comprehensive set of features was capable of addressing all of their goals. The addition of Findologic’s A.I. platform, Li.S.A.®, allows for an unusually seamless shopping experience. By understanding the user’s behaviours and intent, Findologic is able to do a majority of the navigation for the customer, so that they can sit back and enjoy relevant results, brought to them by a digital assistant that fully understands them. 

While the complexity of the deliverable was substantial, Pour Moi commended the Findologic team for delivering it on time and within budget.

In fact, Gareth went on to praise both the return on investment and overall customer support: 

“Findologic ist fantastisch. Ich sehe nicht, wie ein anderer Anbieter in Bezug auf Funktionen, technologischen Support und Preis-Leistung mithalten könnte – wir hatten vom ersten Tag an vollen Zugang zum gesamten Team und zu allen Möglichkeiten der Plattform!”


Pour Moi have reported a significant uplift in KPIs since partnering with Findologic. The software is capable of providing a stand-out experience to all of their 1.3M+ monthly visitors and has instilled loyalty among customers as a result of the seamless shopping experience. Some call outs from Pour Moi include: 


  • +21% uplift in sessions using search

  • +11% increase in conversion through optimised features
  • +10% increase in average order value
  • Additional uplift on mobile through Li.S.A.®
Li.S.A. Pour Moi

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