Analysis of over 10 million search queries provides valuable insights on how to improve conversion rates

About this white paper: 

How do online shoppers really search?

Based on over 10 million search queries over the past few months, Findologic deep-dived into search behaviour. Based on this extensive analysis, Findologic has curated valuable insights on a number of topics surrounding search and conversion, including:

  • How does categorised search play a role in the customer journey? 
  • What is the relationship between generic and long tail search? 
  • How does behaviour differ between industries?

Explore these, and many more topics relevant to your business now!


Optimise your customer journey

Building upon this, the paper delves into customer journeys, and the requirements search must meet, in order to satisfy user demands. E-commerce is moving away from filter-controlled product listings and in order to provide a seamless experience must move towards more intelligent search software focussed on skills that are adapted for the user.


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