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Direct Integration

Smart Integration quickly - easily - individually

With Direct Integration, you will benefit from a quick and easy integration variant that includes all FINDOLOGIC features and can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Our team will ensure that you achieve the highest performance with optimum speed with dynamic filters further enhancing the search results.


Fine Tuning

Use your full potential through our know how!

A Findologic expert will work with you to monetise your website to its full potential. With our 'Fine Tuning' service we set every feature and function to optimise your listings to achieve maximum conversion rate.

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Quality assurance

Excellent performance for your online shop!

This package ensures you and your agency get the very best possible support during the integration process.



Exploit your options together!

In order for you and your team to get the very best out of the various features and functions of Findologic, we can host a tailored workshop in your office.


Onsite search expert

Certification at the highest level!

With the OnSite search expert certification, we support you as a partner or customer in developing your basic technical knowledge to the highest level. In just one session, our experts will give you the knowledge you need to set up FINDOLOGIC's intelligent search for you and your customers. Based on your customers' search queries, you will learn how to set everything up to its full potential including merchandising settings.

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Case Studies

Customer Success Story
Findologic increased our conversion rate by more than 20%!

Adler Mode – Why one of the largest listed textile retail chains relies on Findologic.

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Customer Success Story
Findologic offers service par excellence for every online shop!

Design Bestseller – How the online shop extends the search to a powerful on-site merchandising tool.

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