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Beyond search for more conversion rate

Shopware & Findologic


Powerful Shopware Ecosystems with Findologic

Over the years, Shopware has built a global community of technologies. Their network allows e-commerce retailers to deploy state of the art technologies that supercharge performance from beginning to end. Within this Shopware ecosystem, product discovery sits at the epicentre. Connecting shoppers with products that are relevant to them is arguably the most integral part of ecommerce because if a shopper can’t find it, they can’t buy it.

By creating a Findologic plugin that acts as an API, Shopware is able to connect it’s users with a best-of-breed product discovery Platform. This works by sending requests to Findologic servers and retrieving the information for users. An out of the box solution like this makes gold-standard product discovery easier than ever for Shopware users, achieving an onsite experience comparable with leading online stores that have spent significant time and resources integrating with such software.

Feinkost käfer
Conversion rate increased by 25% in the Shopware shop!

Customer Success Story: - After comparing providers, they were convinced by the number of positive reviews in the Shopware Community Store. "We are pleased to say that we can absolutely substantiate these reviews and would recommend Findologic.”

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Ein Plugin – viele Funktionen

Navigating the sea of technology vendors who will optimise operations is a challenge. For many, it is easier to find a product discovery platform that offers a comprehensive suite of features that guarantees optimisation across the customer journey.

Assisted Suggest

Inspire and guide your users with product recommendations as soon as they interact with your search bar.

You benefit from: : the opportunity to cross-sell and upsell, inspiring customers with products.
Your customer benefits from: : digital assistance and seamless transitions between touchpoints from the very first interaction.

User Groups

Display different products, content or information depending on the user logged into your website.

You benefit from: pain-free, automatically tailored content based on your predefined requirements.
Your customer benefits from: personalised deals and content that is relevant to their specific business.



Take control of your product listing and expand product hierarchies to provide valuable recommendations to shoppers, or prioritise product groups according to your business goals.

You benefit from: Take control of your product listing and expand product hierarchies to provide valuable recommendations to shoppers, or prioritise product groups according to your business goals.
Your customer benefits from: Valuable and inspiring recommendations presented for easy navigation.


Consistent experiences impact your revenue. We understand each individual user to fully personalise the customer journey as well as the results and deliver experiences, recommendations and results that convince.

You benefit from: An improved digital experience - your relationship with your customers becomes stronger and at the same time the most important KPIs in your online shop increase.
Your customer benefits from: Seamless experiences through excellent outcomes and experiences relevant to individual needs.


Intuitive UX

Findologic replicates the familiar interface of Google, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to create a subconscious experience.

You benefit from: They instinctively guide users through their shopping.
Your customer benefits from: Unconscious touchpoints through a familiar UX, similar to the channels users interact with every day.

Findologic & Shopware

Leading brands powered by Findologic and Shopware

Findologic is an important pillar in the Shopware ecosystem for us. The search and navigation solution has been extremely complimentary to Shopware and helped shop operators create holistic shopping experiences.

Sebastian Hamann

CEO and Co-Founder shopware AG

Customer Success Story:
+21% conversion rate in the designer shop of ikarus Handel GmbH

Ikarus – For rapid implementation, the client needed partners with a transparent process, clear ...

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Customer Success Story:
Conversion rate increased by 25% in the Shopware shop!

Feinkost Käfer – Sustainable integration optimises the customer journey. Quality out of passion is the ... 

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Supercharge Product Discovery within your Shopware Store

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