About this report:

Plugging into an ecosystem of best-of-breed platforms is a requirement for any online retailer looking to excel. Decoupling the front and back end and having them talk to one another via APIs gives retailers more flexibility to create unique experiences for their visitors and eliminate boundaries.

Creating a multiplex ecosystem with third-party providers that work in harmony with one another, following the connected Best-of-Breed codex, is a challenge. From supply chains to checkout, selecting and prioritising the right technologies to integrate within your e-commerce, in line with budget, goals and optimisation is difficult to assess.

In this report, FINDOLOGIC Shopware, and Huboo separate high-priority technologies from the 'nice to haves', creating a blueprint for the top three areas in which you should be deploying high performance APIs to supercharge success, including:

  • How to leverage APIs end-to-end and offer an unbeatable CX
  • The top three API technologies you should consider to optimise end-to-end operations
  • How to utilise these technologies as part of a connected tech stack


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