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FINDOLOGIC Dev-News 2016/30

FINDOLOGIC Dev-News 2016/30

1. August 2016|Technologie

As an eCommerce manager there are a lot of tasks to accomplish throughout the workday. Therefore it’s our daily goal to improve processes like the import, integration and ensuring the search result quality of our customers‘ webstores. In the current Dev-News we present you the new powerful import log, new CDN and Google Analytics Setup. In addition, we introduce you to a great new open source project, an enhancement for the popular Javascript test framework „Jasmine“.

1. Import/Export: simple & powerful

Import data – The import log has been vastly improved. With one simple click you can can trigger an update of the product data. It now also provides a neat live view of what’s going on, that is shown or hidden depending on the context (see graphics).

FINDOLOGIC: customer import/export with live-log

FINDOLOGIC: customer import/export with live-log


FINDOLOGIC: import finished!

FINDOLOGIC: import finished!


2. Google Analytics – Set up Site Search

Direct Integration search queries are now automatically tracked with Google Analytics. This provides FINDOLOGIC customers with easy access to their site search reporting. There, the eCommerce manager can see all important user search activities to improve the shop search for offering their customers even better search results.

You mave have to enable Site Search Tracking first:

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account
  2. Navigate to View Settings, than Site Search Settings
  3. Set Site Search Tracking to ON
  4. Done!

With Direct Integration* there is no need to identify search query parameters or configure web applications. Everything is automatically connected!

How to access Site Search reports:

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account
  2. Navigate to Behaviour, than Site Search, than Overview

Important insights for eCommerce managers:

Graphic 1: site search overview

  • Usage frequency of site search
  • Visits with site search
  • What are users searching for? What are the most popular search terms?

Tip: use pushing rules and synonyms to push these products and raise awareness to popular articles, brands and categories.

  • Refinements of search results

Graphic 2: audience overview

  • Average Session Duration of 12:42 with site search compared to 03:14 without site search
  • Bounce rate of 0,19% with site search compared to 45,61% without site search

*for customers with Direct Integration and API

graphic 1: site search overview

graphic 1: site search overview


graphic 2: audience overview

graphic 2: audience overview



3. New CDN: faster and more reliable

FINDOLOGIC switched to a new CDN provider, CDN77. This move enables even better performance, and changes to the callbacks and styles are visible within seconds. In addition, CDN77 has an outstanding record for availability so that FINDOLOGIC is available at all times for the webshop users.


CDN overview – 3 month


4. NEW project: jasmine-scope-check

We released our first open-source project at Github. It’s a test utility for Javascript which will check for potential conflicts with other libraries and help us to ensure that everything runs perfectly and up-to-date.

Why it is important:

In a world of JavaScript-heavy web stores, a tiny mistake can have critical consequences. For instance, a misplaced or changed global variable may break a multitude of scripts depending on it, leading to a degraded or even disrupted shopping experience. To stay ahead of problems like this, we created jasmine-scope-check. This tool plugs into a Jasmine test suite and ensures that our code does not unknowingly interfere with other scripts at run-time.

The problem has been partially solved by Linters before, but due to the dynamic nature of JavaScript, they cannot catch all possible cases where a property might be attached to the window object. jasmine-scope-check compares the window object before a test with what it looks like afterwards. This way, any tested code path can be verified to be scope-leak-free. Combined with great test coverage, this allows us to deploy updates with more confidence.

Check out how it works!

Georg Sorst ist CTO der FINDOLOGIC GmbH und hat Team und Produkt als erster fester Mitarbeiter von den Anfangstagen an mit aufgebaut. Seine langjährige Erfahrung in der IT-Industrie hat er sowohl bei Konzernen wie IBM als auch bei verschiedenen Start-Ups gesammelt. Als häufiger Gast und Vortragender auf Meetups, Barcamps und Konferenzen ist er technisch stets up-to-date und vergisst als Mitglied der Gesellschaft für Informatik auch den akademischen Unterbau nicht. An FINDOLOGIC reizen ihn besonders die konstanten Herausforderungen, die der E-Commerce Markt und insbesondere Suchtechnologien mit ihren rasanten Weiterentwicklungen und Trends mit sich bringen.