Search: If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It

by | Sep 16, 2021 | 0 comments

Search is at the epicentre of a customer’s path to purchase. If your shopper can’t find it, due to a poor search experience, they can’t buy it.

How do you connect your shoppers with relevant results in the most intuitive way?

Discovery a comprehensive suite of features that will supercharge your onsite experience, including:

  • Assisted Suggest
  • Synonyms 
  • Smart-Did-You-Mean
  • Tab Solution
  • Regular Expression
  • User Groups

Rachel King

Rachel is a Content Marketing Specialist, creating insightful materials on all things eCommerce, tech and Findologic that drive growth and awareness. Rachel has a wide understanding of the tech space, before joining Findologic, she produced content for global FinTech publications as well as working closely with industry leaders for a range of marketing initiatives.

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