Customer Success Story
Modellbau Lindinger

Modellbau Lindinger


Headquarters: Inzersdorf, Austria

Traffic: 300.000 visits per month

Field: RC retailer

Currently the company employs 54 people at the headquarters in Inzersdorf.  The annual product catalog comprises of over 9,000 products on more than 570 pages.  Approximately 80,000 catalogs are produced and distributed throughout the world.

„With Findologic we are able to ensure that our customers find the right products..“

Matt WhiteCEO – Modellbau Lindinger

Findologic gives us a quick and cost-efficient solution that benefits our customers in both quality and price!

Lindinger started 30 years ago as a small family-run business. Pioneering thinking was always one of Fritz Lindinger’s strengths. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to invest in his own webshop. The combination of competent advice, in-house creation of an annual product catalog and the seemingly unlimited possibilities of the Internet have given the Austrian company a new dimension. Today Modellbau Lindinger is one of the largest RC retailers and distributors for RC products 

Worldwide. For Matt White, CEO of Lindinger, it’s very important to always have the newest technologies, so he already decided in 2014 to implement the Findologic Platform in their Shopware shop.

The best solution for 40.000 products

Matt White CEO at Modellbau Lindinger explains: „We have over 40.000 products in our online shop and our company consists of a 90% online business. Many products have very similar names and a lot of technical terms. With Findologic we are able to ensure that our customers find the right products. To say it simply, they give us a quick and cost efficient solution that benefits our customers in both quality and price.”

Customer Success Tour Service on a new level

“Findologic visited us directly in our headquarter. In a joint meeting, new requirements and options were discussed in order to be even more successful. In addition, this offered us the opportunity to get to know the people behind the product”, explained the CEO of Lindinger.

Findologic – One of the best tools in IT

“It’s really important for us to always have the newest technologies and the best tools in IT to keep up with all the other competition in retail. Before Findologic we had a normal search engine in our online shop and lot of the costumers complained about the old search. Since our customers should findand buy their products as quickly as possible, we decided to use Findologic at the time”, so Matt White.

Facts and figures – Most important KPI‘s improved

In addition to the many comprehensive advantages, the following numbers get improved:
1. The conversion-rate in the entire shop increased significantly.
2. Faster performance for all queries & filters.
3. Bounce rate reduced immediately after integration.

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