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Larger merchants are often looked up to for best practice, under the assumption that they have budget, resources and expertise to implement gold-standard on-site experiences for their users. However, even the retail giants are currently failing to meet the ever-increasing expectations of users, unaware that there is significant scope for optimisation, and therefore conversion and satisfaction uplift.

During search usability testing, 19 of the world’s leading e-commerce sites search support was so weak that 31% of all product finding tasks ended in vain when the test subjects tried using search reinforcing a great ecommerce dilemma: if they can’t find it, they can’t buy it. This prompted us to audit the web shops of some of the highest-grossing retailers in Europe and reveal fundamental flaws in CX including:

  • Mobile UX
  • No autocomplete
  • No results pages
  • Synonym management
  • The number of results

Ultimately this leads to poorer conversion rates, higher exit rates, and worse customer journeys.

In this report, Findologic will deep dive into the impact of these issues on performance and suggest best-practice solutions.


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